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Paid FMLA and Disability Made Simple:

As an independent health insurance agent, Diane Gatza, P.E. has been specializing in Short Term Disability and FMLA Family Care coverage insurance to help families get coverage for pregnancy, birth and baby bonding since 2023. She has helped families prepare for pregnancy and parenthood through the maze of maternity leave, parental leave, insurance programs and FMLA coverage for over 3 years in the state of California.

After being called “the Rosetta Stone of maternity leave benefits” we expanded our services to serve families across the US. Diane Gatza Insurance is a full service, customer orientated insurance agency focused on the real needs of growing families with compassion an “I’ve been in your shoes before too” approach. We take pride in finding our clients policies that meets their individual needs at the lowest rates available!

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Looking for Family Care Paid FMLA Insurance?


Diane Gatza is a mom of two and has been an insurance agent since 2023 specializing in family planning and making sure women and their partners have access to the maximum amount of paid time off to heal from birth and bond with their newborn babies. Insurance is a second career for Diane as she worked for over a decade as a licensed civil engineer in the State of California and after maternity leave left engineering to start a successful maternity leave consulting firm in California helping women understand & maximize their rights and benefits from the State and their Employer. Diane gives her clients the “straight scoop” in everything Disability Insurance and Family Care Insurance (Paid FMLA) as well as viewing all policies through a cost benefit and economic eye for each family she serves. As a trusted and respected insurance agent, Diane is committed to serving the diverse needs of women currently family planning to insure they can meet their personal financial obligations & still take advantage of the maximum FMLA leaves with their newest bundles of joy. When Diane is not providing her clients with the best insurance plans out there, you can find her spending quality time at Disneyland with her husband and two kids, enjoying sushi with girlfriends, or enjoying a meditation class.


Why choose Diane Gatza, P.E.


With experience of helping over 1,000 women navigate their maternity leaves through insurance Diane has relevant insights to all things insurance and FMLA leave.


Diane has personal experience with a variety of insurance policies through her own maternity leaves and the clients she has worked with to help you find the best plan that suits your lifestyle.


Diane believes in being open with her clients to provide them with the peace of mind in their family planning decisions.

Family Oriented

Diane is readily available to answer any concerns or questions, prioritizing the relationships she builds with each family she works with.

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Do you have any questions about a short term disability income protection policy or family care Paid FMLA policy? Get in touch to schedule your free, confidential, no obligation appointment today!

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